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Produced in concordance with technical specifications 9184-489-05031531-97

     Malt extract is thick viscous brown liquid with a characteristic sweetish taste of barley malt aroma and flavor. The product is produced from high-quality barley malt own production. Technology of production of malt extracts provide soft modes of condensation which needed to keep most of the biologically active substances presented in germinated grains of barley

JSC "Tatkrakhmalpatoka" produce four types of malt extract:

  • barley-malt extract light color
  • barley-malt extract dark color
  • malt extract light color
  • malt extract dark color

Malt extracts are produced by extraction of barley malt and barley with water, then syrup is purified in two stages: on centrifuge, then on separators. The resulting wort is concentrated on the film vacuum vaporizer at low temperatures

Malt extracts may be used in:

  • brewing industry and craft beer production.
  • dry (cereal) breakfast, cereals, kozinaki.
  • fillers in milk beverages and milk products.
  • cereal bars and granola.
  • snacks, crackers and cookies
  • chocolate industry.
  • bakery and pastas.
  • energy beverages.
  • malt based drinks.
  • pharmaceuticals.
  • malted milks, ice cream and yoghurts.
  • confectionery and desserts.
  • pet foods.

The benefits of use our malt extracts:

  • guaranteed color and aroma of natural barley malt.
  • malt extracts are excellent raw material for shorten cycle of beer production.
  • dark malt extracts are suitable for use in the brewing industry for the saturation of color and improve the flavor of dark beer.
  • improving golden hue and crackling of crackers, crispbreads and cereal breakfasts.
  • healthy natural alternative to synthetic golden, tan and brown dyes.
  • enrichment of chocolate flavor.
  • increasing of the nutritional value of the final product.
  • increasing of the shelf life of products made with the use of malt extracts.
  • improving of the fermentation process (due to the presence of reducing sugars).
  • sugars contained in malt extracts do not crystallize when cooking invert syrup, this feature is a great advantage in the production of candy and confectionery.
  • preventing crystallization of lactose in dairy products.
  • forming a creamy texture and preventing the formation of ice in the ice cream.
  • sugar substitute (about 60% of the sweetness of sucrose), which is especially important for diabetic food.
  • 100% solubility in water.

 Organoleptic properties and physicochemical parameters of barley-malt extract light color:

Ingredients: barley, brewing barley malt

-opaque viscous thick liquid, yellow-brown
- malty, bready and sweetish taste

- malty and bready aroma

- content of solids  78,0±3,0%

- acidity not more than 14,0 см3  at solution of sodium hydroxide of concentration at 1,0 mole/dm3 on 100 gr. of a product,

- mass fraction reduce sugars in solids not less than 75,0%