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Kvass wort concentrateКонцентрат квасного сусла

Produced according to State Standard of Russian Federation 
GOST 28538-90

Composition: carbohydrates, proteins, organic acids.

Rye flour, corn flour, dry rye fermented malt, rye unfermented malt, barley malt.

JSC "Tatkrakhmalpatoka" has worked out a few kinds of kvass wort concentrate with use of various kinds of raw materials.

Range of application: the manufacturing of kvass, the baking and confectionery industry.

The kvass wort concentrate represents a product which is made by means of mashing with water of the rye and barley malts, the rye or corn flour with the subsequent hydrolysis, clarification and condensation of the received wort in the vacuum cooker and subsequent thermal processing of a product.

The kvass wort concentrate is intended for making the kvass, grain drinks and also for preparation of kvass concentrates.

The kvass wort concentrate has the appearance of a viscous dense liquid of dark-brown color, water-soluble, sour-sweet on taste (with insignificant bitterness), having aroma of rye bread. Kvass  wort concentrate  does not contain colouring agents, artificial flavourings or sweeteners!

The application of kvass wort concentrate  instead of small kvass breads allows to reduce the expense of sugar during kvass manufacturing. Also kvass wort concentrate allows lower losses of solids on 15-18 % at the expense of more perfect recovering of extractive substances from initial raw material in comparison with infusing method of kvass manufacturing.

Only 30 kg of kvass wort concentrate is needed to spend for production of 1000 kg of ready kvass that conducts to significant reduction of logistic expenses in a technological chain of kvass manufacturing and allows make kvass in immediate proximity near the kvass markets.

The rye and barley intended for kvass wort concentrate manufacturing are raised on the fields owned by JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» and the certificated suppliers of Tatarstan Republic.


Organoleptic properties and physicochemical parameters of
Kvass wort concentrate  produced by JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka»:

  • Opaque dense liquid of dark brown color;
  • Sourish - sweet, grain taste with insignificantly expressed bitterness;
  • Aroma of rye bread;
  • Content of solids 70±2 %;
  • Acidity of 16-40 cm3 at solution of sodium hydroxide of concentration at 1,0 mole/dm3 on 100 gr. of a product;
  • Viscosity 5% water solution of  kvass wort concentrate up to 1,4 mPa*s;
  • Amine nitrogen 180-220 mg per liter;
  • Chromaticity 2000-2800 EBC (European Brewery Convention)
  • Energy value 100 gr. of a product 277 kcal;
  • Food value 100 gr. of a product: carbohydrates 65 gr., proteins 3,5 gr., organic acids 1 gr.


Warranty period of storage of 12 months at temperature from a minus 40° Celsius up to plus 30° Celsius.

The kvass wort concentrate can be delivered in bulk by syrup tanker at average weight 21,3 tons or in polyethylene barrels at 67 kg and 210 kg.

At the requests of buyers we send out the samples of  kvass wort concentrate.

The flexible approach to inquiries of the clients, the effective logistic service, an individual approach to pricing allows to satisfy the requirements of the most exacting clients.

Do not hesitate to link with us today and we shall begin cooperation which will lead us to success.