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JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka»

Joint Stock Company «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» is one of the oldest food plants in Russia. Established in 1880 «Kazan syrup plant» has been reorganized after October revolution (1917) into «Tatpishchetrest’s syrup plant» and has received new name «The Flame» in 1922. The industrial group «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» has been created on the basis of Kazan factory in 1966. The industrial group «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» has been transformed into 
JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» as a result of privatization in 1996. 

JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka safely survived the difficult 1990th years, having preserved valuable staff and industrial base, then at the beginning of 2000th years it finds the second breath.

During this period – a new boiler-house in Kuralovsky subdivision, two malt beds for dry rye malt production and new steeping department have been constructed and placed into operation. The new technology of kvass syrup production has been introduced in 2008. It has allowed improve quality of finished goods, to lower viscosity without reduction of the content of solids, to raise the content of amine nitrogen to 180-220 mg per liter.

The competent strategy of development and accurate financial policy has allowed us to grow close to the leading positions in the area of production kvass syrup, malt syrup and sago in the Russian Federation.

At the moment JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» consists of 3 factories in Tatarstan Republic and agricultural subdivision which cultivates grain and breeds cattle.

The enterprise raises the special breeds of the rye, barley on own fields also makes the dry rye and barley malt, intended for kvass syrup production.

The control of the  whole production cycle from cultivation of grain to delivery of goods to buyers, the own malthouse and efficient logistic service, allow us to offer goods of the best quality for a competitive price.

JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» makes kvass syrup on classical technology and we take into account the wishes of the consumers. So in 2004 at the request of the Penza branch of JSC MPBK «Оchakovo» (trademark - kvass «Ochakovsky») and LLC «Kursk kvass» (trademark - kvass «Utoljaev») we have carried out a successful work to increase the content of amine nitrogen, to improve the fermentation process of kvass syrup and reduce the content of the weighed substances. In 2008-2009 at the request of JSC «Deka» (trademark - kvass «Nikola») the work on improvement of indicators of chromaticity (2500 – 3000 EBC (European Brewery Convention)) and stability of quality has been made. 

JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» closely co-operates with MIC «Beer and drinks. XXI century» which constantly carries out for us profound analyses of product samples, gives out valuable recommendations about improvements of quality of production and technology perfections.

Kvass made from our kvass syrup repeatedly has received high awards at exhibitions alcohol-free drinks.

JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» has representations in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don.

Finished goods can be delivered by motor transport, railroad freight cars and containers. Also kvass syrup and malt syrup can be delivered in bulk by syrup tanker at average weight 21,3 tons and in polyethylene barrels at 67 kg and
210 kg.

JSC «Tatkrakhmalpatoka» delivers finished goods on all territory of Russia and CIS, also has experience of deliveries to USA, Canada and Australia

Inform us about your needs and we will do our best to justify your confidence.